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The City of Norman does not operate a jail, and all of their prisoners are held at the Cleveland County Jail, at 2550 West Franklin Rd. in Norman, Oklahoma. (On occasion, the Court Clerk may hold a person at their office where they can be bonded without being taken to the Cleveland County Jail.)

To complete the bail bond application and paperwork we will usually meet with you at our office. As in Moore, the bond is transmitted electronically by city personnel to secure the release of the defendant, who will usually be released at the Cleveland County Jail. For new charges, bail bonds can be posted after hours and on weekends and holidays, however arrests for outstanding warrants can only be bonded during certain hours.

The City of Norman requires the signature of the defendant on the bail bond before they will accept it, so the completed bond must be taken to the Cleveland County Jail to obtain the signature of the defendant before presenting it to the Norman Court Clerk or Police Department. Due to the additional driving and time involved, an additional charge may apply. Some bail bondsmen may ask you to sign the bond for the defendant to avoid having to obtain the defendant's signature, but doing so may place you in the unfortunate position of having created a forged signature.

"Walk-throughs" are also possible for charges in Norman, and can be completed during normal business hours at the Norman Court Clerk's office located in the same building as the Norman Police Department.

For more information you can visit the Norman Court Clerk website by 

clicking here.

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